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13 September, 2007

Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar

Finally! Last year Pop Rocks introduced chocolate covered Pop Rocks, this year they're doing it one better and bringing out the Pop Rocks Milk Chocolate Bar.

The thick milk chocolate bar features the pop and crunch of Pop Rocks. Kind of like a more proactive Crunch bar.

The All Candy Expo site notes that these are available as of September 1st. Anyone see them in stores yet? (I'll be picking one up next week at the trade show.)

Official website for Zeta Espacial.


MLunsford2040 on 1/04/2008 07:44:00 PM said...

It is the best chocolate in the world I really love it and would like to see it in more store.

cupsocake on 4/08/2008 12:00:00 AM said...

this is honest to god the best chocolate in the world, combined with the best candy in the world. i found it readily available in philadelphia 7-11 and drug stores, but have yet to see it in california ... no idea about states in between. id marry pop rocks chocolate bar if it were legal in my state. it's that good.

Anonymous said...

i got it at a local cvs

it was soooooooo goood

i think ill get two next time

one for me and one for my brother

Anonymous said...

They have them at Walgreens and CVS. I just bought some tonight. So awesome!

Anonymous said...

i bought it at hot topic at a mall in alpharetta, ga

Anonymous said...

I'll have to try them. I know that "Willy Wonka" released an "exploding candy bar" a few years ago, but it flopped with most people. It was basically the same thing, and I miss it. I have a thing for weird candies.

Anonymous said...

I love this, They sell them for 59 cents at my local 99 cents store. After buying one and absolutely loving it, I went back and bought four! The most fun i've had with chocolate! Well... the second most fun.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Very tasty chocolate bar! Don't under estimate the popping effect! It will stay with you a good 10 minutes after the last piece is swallowed.

Eugenia on 9/16/2009 04:02:00 PM said...

they are at FAO schwartz

Anonymous said...

they discontinued Pop Rocks Chocolate Bars. I emailed company. I cant find them anywhere.... :(

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