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11 September, 2007

Mountain Dew Green Label Art Series

It's not what's inside that's important. It's all about the packaging with Mountain Dew's new Green Label Art series of 16 ounce bottles made from aluminum and featuring different limited edition artwork.

The contoured bottles highlight works created in all media including tattoo design, cut & paste collage, paint, charcoal and, of course, computer graphics.

Featured artists in the inital collection include: Adam Juresko, Chris Pastras, Chuck Anderson, Dr. Revolt, jeffstaple, JT Woodruff, Mark Nardelli, Methamphibian, Peat Wollaeger, Troy Denning (shown) and TWEEQiM.

The bottles are filled with ordinary Mountain Dew.

See the special promotional website featuring videos and images from the artists' other works:

You can register and enter your own artwork, too, so expect more designs to be released in the future.


Anonymous said...

I think there great but I like to know how many there are? THX

Anonymous said...

where can you buy them at?

Anonymous said...

go to, there were originally 12 aluminumbottles from may 2007-october 2007 (mostly sold as a test market phase in virginia) and it was the first collection series of bottles. During this time Mountain Dew came out w/ a Halo 3 engery drink in aluminum bottle as well (more of a national availability). Then Pepsi decided to take this first Collection Series on a more national level and launch a new collection of bottles using 3 of the original designs from the Colletion Series as well as 3 never seen designs and they call the launch of these six bottles the Volume 1 Series. In August of 2008 they will have a Volume 2 Series. On Ebay to see and find these bottles type in search either Mountain Dew Aluminum or Green Label Art......include bottle in title if you like but the two that I told you will find them all for you. If your interested in Budweiser/Bud Light aluminum bottles type (Ebay) Budweiser Aluminum or Bud Light aluminum and you will see a variety of aluminum bottles available from Anheuser-Busch. They have over 150 diffrent bottle designs on aluminum teams, st patricks, halloween, cinco de mayo, much much more....

Anonymous said...

they have now came out with fourth of July and just recently nascar bottles these can be found at some gas stations and wal-marts.

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