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20 September, 2007

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Beverage for Halo 3

Mountain Dew has introduced a new Game Fuel Beverage as tie-in with Halo 3. The soda is not just sneaking in as many limited editions do, there is a full, all-media campaign to promote it.

The commercials have been running for about four weeks to tie in with Microsoft's Xbox 360 exclusive title, Halo 3.

Mountain Dew's Limited Edition Game Fuel has 30% more caffeine and is a cherry/citrus blend. It's been spotted at 7-11 stores all over the country as well as major retailers. You'll find it in 20 fl. oz. plastic bottle, 2 liter bottle and 12-count, 12 fl. oz. metal cans through November.

Mountain Dew is a Pepsi Co. product.

Reviews for the new drink on the internet are mixed, but the high awareness of the product guarantees liberal sampling, at least some fervent fans and then the eventual backlash/petitions to bring the drink back.


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