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25 September, 2007

Key Lime Cookies

H-E-B Chips Galore Key Lime CookiesH-E-B, which is a line of grocery stores in Texas, is now offering Key Lime Chocolate Chip cookies under its own brand.

Made with white chocolate chips, they have the tangy flavor of LIME!

Maybe I'm just behind the times, but I haven't seen key lime flavored cookies before. I have a nephew who lives in Texas, I'll have to get him to send us some. My wife absolutely loves key lime pie, she'll probably like these cookies too.

The Key Lime with Real White Chocolate Chips variety comes in an 12.5 oz. plastic tray, with a retail price of $2.00.

To purchase these, visit the H-E-B store locator here...


Anonymous said...

Loving key lime pie, i've tried a few different types of key lime cookies. They are never as good as the pie. Never close.

Target has them too.

Anonymous said...

These are not good! They taste like artificial lime, at best. The cookie has the 'lime' flavor, the chips in them are white chocolate.

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