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19 September, 2007

Heart Chocolate with CM-X

Heart Chocolate with CM-XHeart Chocolate with CM-X is described as a rich chocolate that claims to lower your blood sugar and cholesterol.

CM-X is described as a concentrate of anti-oxidants found in cinnamon and bitter melon.

Here's what Heart Chocolate's website has to say about itself...

Made with the finest cocoa and prepared in 3 delicious portions of only 60 calories each - your craving for rich chocolate will be satisfied. Plus, you will get the added benefit of CM-X to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Heart Chocolate with CM-X is the perfect choice for people with Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and related cardiovascular conditions or anyone looking for a healthy snack with no added sugar.

The "3 delicious portions of only 60 calories each" that the above quote is talking about is that each chocolate bar is sectioned off in 3 pieces, just like how a Twix is sectioned off into 3 strips. This is hardly an effective means of portion-control.

Heart Chocolate with CM-X was developed by Innovative Life Sciences Corporation, based out of Toronto, Ontario. They claim to be in the "development of nutraceutical products with distinct competitive advantages". I take it that "competitive advantages" means stuff like chocolate and candy.

You can buy Heart Chocolate online at its website...


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