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28 August, 2007

Pop Weaver introduces Butter Flavored Popcorn without Diacetyl

Pop Weaver, the largest popcorn manufacturer in the world, has introduced a new line of flavored microwave popcorn that contains no diacetyl.

Diacetyl has been found to cause a chronic and ultimately fatal lung disease, bronchiolitis obliterans, in factory workers and may also be a health concern for people who buy and regularly consume microwave popcorn. The disease is now referred to as Popcorn Workers Lung.

"We follow strict safety guidelines in manufacturing our products, so we've had no incidents among our associates related to diacetyl exposure," said Mike Weaver, president of Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc., which makes Pop Weaver popcorn. "However, we know consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about this issue, so we've taken it out of our flavorings. It was a challenge to eliminate diacetyl from our flavorings and still maintain the great buttery taste that consumers love, but we've done it." Consumer research substantiates that the new flavoring features the same great buttery taste that consumers love.

See full press release and their official website.


Anonymous said...

GOOD to know! My husband is a *smell scientist* and I am not allowed regular popcorns in our home because of diacetyl...and this has not been the best thing for our marriage, as I LOVE popcorn! ;-) Thanks!


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