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01 August, 2007

Nesquik at Room Temperature

Nestle has introduced an extension to their ready-to-drink chocolate milk line with the new Nesquik Chocolate Low Fat Milk.

It looks just the Nesquik already available in stores, but these bottles are shelf stable, so there's no need for refrigeration. Just store in the pantry until you need them, then refrigerate and drink (or pour over ice).

The drinks are made with 1% fat milk and contain dairy calcium as well as being fortified with Vitamin A & D.

The 8 ounce bottles have a resealable top and are available in traditional Chocolate or Strawberry. They keep on the shelf for 180 days.

I've tried shelf stable milk before (something everyone should have on hand for emergencies if you're a milk consumer) and found it didn't taste quite right, but combining it with lotsa sugar and cocoa might make it more palatable.

Visit the Nesquik site for more info. Nestle also has a strange site called ... which I think is rather charming in its message that we should accept milk in any and all colors and flavors.


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