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15 August, 2007

Nabisco Golden Harvest Toasted Chips

Nabisco is hopping on the healthier snack bandwagon with their new Garden Harvest Tasted Chips which supply a half serving of vegetables in each 120 calorie serving along with being made with 100% whole grains.

(Still, their snack chips ... better than potato chips but probably not better than eating a raw zucchini.)

Garden Harvest Toasted Chips are available in four flavorful varieties including Tomato Basil, Vegetable Medley, Apple Cinnamon and Banana. Real pieces of carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, spinach and other vegetables are blended together to season the Tomato Basil and Vegetable Medley chips for a satisfying, savory snack, while the real pieces of apples and bananas in the Apple Cinnamon and Banana varieties, respectively, provide a lightly-sweet tasting option.

Garden Harvest Toasted Chips are available in six-ounce re-closeable bags at a suggested retail price of $2.99 each.

You can sign up for a free sample on their website. (Read the fine print though.)

Press release
& Official Website


Anonymous said...

I really like the savory (vs. sweet) ones. I could care less about the heath claims. Lots of flavor and a firm crunch.

Anonymous said...

Went to their site this PM, and it said the promotion is over.....

Anonymous said...

Tried a bag of vegetable medley in Florida and couldn't put the bag down!!! Their are delicious. Just wish I could find them in North Carolina!!

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