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16 August, 2007

M&Ms introduces Limited Edition Razzberry

M&Ms is introducing their first widely-available fruit flavored M&M in a limited edition issue called M&M’S Razzberry Chocolate Candies.

They should be available now and "They will reach their peak in September and October," according to the official M&Ms fact sheet on the product.

Their press sheet also said:
M&M’S® Razzberry Chocolate Candies are now in stores as a limited edition for only six weeks. They are offered in single 1.50 oz., 11.8 oz. and 18.6 oz. packaging for $.55, $2.96 and $4.39 SRP.
I'm not sure how strongly they suggest that retail price of 55 cents for a single pack of M&Ms, it's been at least 10 years since I've seen them sold for that as a regular price (though three for a dollar sales aren't uncommon).

M&Ms tried special editions of their candies in gourmet flavors such as Cherry Almondine and Vanilla Crisp, which are sold at the official M&Ms World stores and Target.

Official webpage

Anyone see them? Try them? Like them?


Anonymous said...

I tried them - and they are so good! Really cool that M&M's is doing things like this!

Anonymous said...

I want to say that these "Razzberry" m&m's are my favorite. I would love to see them stay around for a long time.

ChristianZ on 7/07/2008 05:05:00 PM said...

Have you seen the new M&M's Premiums?

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