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01 August, 2007

Jones Soda Launches 4C

Jones Soda Co. has launched 24C, a line of vitamin-enhanced waters and powdered drink mixes.

The non-carbonated drinks are high in vitamin C and other water soluble essential vitamins, antioxidants & electrolytes.
Every bottle or powdered mix packet of 24C provides up to 2,000 percent of the daily value of vitamin C, 125 percent of vitamin A, 63 percent of vitamin B2, 63 percent of vitamin B3, 500 percent of vitamin B6 and 500 percent of vitamin B12.
While Jones Soda converted to all cane sugar for their carbonate drinks, the 4C line currently lists crystalline fructose as their sweetener.

Current flavors are: Tropical Citrus, Peach Mango, Berry Pomegranate, Lemon Lime, Mandarin Orange and Cranberry Apple flavors.

See the Jones Soda 4C page for more info.


Anonymous said...

Two of the flavors Berry Pomegranate and Lemon Lime are available nationally at Cost Plus World Markets for about $1.59 each.

The Berry is very good and I don't like Pomegranate!

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