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13 July, 2007

Pop Tarts Splitz

Pop Tarts, made by Kellogg's has announced a new product in their line of filled pastries to be heated in a toaster. Pop Tarts Splitz feature two different flavors in one tart (well, two since they come two to a package).

Not only are there two fillings (strawberry & blueberry shown) they also have matching frosting on those sides.

Boxes are sold with four packages, two tarts to a package for eight total and 14.1 ounces.

Pop Tarts has also been marketing their line of Go Tarts, which are, you know, packaged for folks on the go (as if that's not the idea of the original format of Pop Tarts?). Go Tarts appear to be more bar shaped and perhaps a bit thicker and not intended to be eaten warmed.

The official Pop Tarts site is super frustrating for those looking for actual information (but a great place to virtually play with your food) so head to the Kellogg's pages for texty info.


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