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08 July, 2007

Pepperidge Farms 100 Calorie Packs

Pepperidge Farms has introduced new 100 Calorie packaging of their famliar cookies.

The Chessemen Butter Cookies are small shortbread style cookies with shapes of chess pieces on them.

The new packaging has 5 individually sealed packages with .71 ounce servings of the cookies (100 calories).

As a reference, an ordinary package of (the full-sized) Chessmen cookies is 7.5 ounces. For those who can't seem to eat .71 ounces from an unmoderated bag, Pepperidge Farms has solved the problem. Even if you fall off the wagon and eat all five package in the box, you're still only getting 500 calories, where you'd be getting over 1,000 in a regular bag. (Most likely at the same price.)

For more on the new trend in portion control packaging see the New York Times this week: In Smaller Packages, Fewer Calories and More Profit (basically, buy yourself a box of baggies and a calculator and save yourself a LOT of money).


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