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03 July, 2007

Koolickle Pickles

Koolickles have been making the rounds in foodie circles for a while, especially since an article appeared in the New York Times this spring (photo source). They're pickles marinated in brine with an added boost of Kool-Aid. A popular item in the Mississippi Delta, grape and cherry are the most common.

Double Quick, a chain of convenience stores based out of Indianola, Miss is expected to launch prepacked Koolickle Pickles in the USA. Currently the sugar/flavor boosted pickles at home-spun stores go for 50 cents to $1.00 per pickle. Double Quick has been selling the unbranded Kool-Aid pickles for at least a year, but has been attempting to trademark the Koolickle name. Kool-Aid has already given tacit endorsement to this off-label use of the drink mix, but I could find no mention of whether or not they'll contest the use of "Kool" in the name of the new brand of pickles.

Anyone tried them?


Anonymous said...

That looks like something that belongs in the Xandria collection!?

Anonymous said...

what in the world does that taste like? Is it a sweet & tangy Taste??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Koolickles are DELICIOUS! I saw them on an episode of Good Eats on FoodNetwork and just had to try them. It was an excellent decision, b/c they are now a staple in my fridge and an awesome sweet and sour snack!

biker jack said...

a delta delight,great with sour cream.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the south and we eat alot of crazy things down here, but that sounds disgusting.

Anonymous said...

They're great. You bite into one, you get a sweet, fruity exterior, with a tart pickle center. And the center tends to stay green.

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