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23 July, 2007


GudFud (pronounced "goood foood") is brand of stuffed marshmallow candies just introduced in the United States.

Stuffed marshmallows are not uncommon in Asia as a sweet treat (and can be found in Asian stores in the US) but have not been formally introduced here yet.

GudFud capitalized on the popularity of the candies is Japan and Malaysia and brands them for the American market. The first flavor varieties introduced here are the Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows and the Fruit Jelly Stuff Marshmallows (grape, orange & strawberry).

The candies are currently available on the GudFud Website in sample packs and full boxes.

See Candy Blog for a roundup of Asian candies from Aji Ichiban, including stuffed marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

I ordered a box of fruit as well as chocolate based on the blog. I loved these, they taste awesome and shipped same day. I hope my local convenience store picks them up too.

My kids roasted the chocolate ones at camp with their friends. They were a huge hit.

My favorite was the orange flavored.

Thanks for the post.

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