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31 July, 2007

Fido's Mints

I love theme-based products like this new "Fido's Mints" from Denver, CO-based Amuse Mints because they open things up for all sorts of puns and laughs.

Fido's Mints

First, notice the two words on the left of the tin that reads, "For People".

If you didn't read that right away, you'd think Amuse Mints created actual breath mints for dogs. In fact, that's what I thought. I went to their website to look up the ingredients thinking it was going to have the same stuff you'd find in Greenies or something. But then I saw the words, "For People".

The catch phrase, "Don't be caught with dog breath", makes a clever marketing angle. "Dog-gone fresh breath" is rather ordinary, though. I might have tried something like, "Freshen your breath doggie-style", or maybe, "For really ruff breath". And I guess if I was losing my job I would have put, "For when you've licked yourself there".

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