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24 July, 2007

Doritos Collisons - Hot Wings & Blue Cheese

Doritos Collisions Flavored Tortilla Chips feature two different flavors in one bag (saves you all that trouble of picking up two bags).

The first introductions in the US is the combo of Hot Wings and Blue Cheese and Zesty Taco and Chipotle Ranch flavors.

They will be sold in 12 1/4 oz. (347.2g) pillow bags.

X-Entertainment got a hold of both the Hot Wings/Blue Cheese and Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch varieties and have a roundup and has a review of the Hot Wings/Blue Cheese and was pleased.

Doritos website.


Anonymous said...

I triedd these thinking i could just toss the blue cheeses, but the combination is incredible. I loved these

Anonymous said...

I tried these recently and found them to be quite good. I oddly enough prefered the blue cheese, considering I don't normally like the flavor. They tasted like Cool Ranch to me. The hot wings were good, but for wimps like me, it's probably good to have a bottle of water or two on hand while eating these. All in all though, I recommend them.

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