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30 July, 2007

Bubbilicious Ink'd Gum

Bubblicious Ink'd Bubble Gum by Cadbury Adams is now available in the US.

The bubble gum comes in rolls with seven individual pieces. The Sour Frantic Fruit flavor also boasts that yo'll be "ink'd" by coloring your tongue as you chew.

As a child I specifically stayed away from candy that colored my tongue, lest the adults know I'd been indulging.

Bubblicious Ink'd Canada website.


Rianna said...

I love your GUM!Every time i get a dollar I spend it on INK GUM.I Even us change to get it.I love candy but of all its your gum.I wish I could by it all the time.My grandma gave me a 25 dallar gift card.Im goingto by your bubbilicious gum.My name is Ariana and I love your gum.

Anonymous said...

Not that great. It turns your teeth and tongue a dark color that is embarrassing and takes forever to get out. It's the same as other gum, if you wanna chew some gum, just chew plain ol' mint.

Anonymous said...

This is gumm is the the bomb-diggity hahaha :)

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