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30 July, 2007

Breyers Ice Cream Poppers - Kisses

Breyers has introduced a new line of Ice Cream Poppers in a co-branding with Hershey's Kisses. The ice cream bites are shaped like Kisses.

They currently come in two varieties, the one shown is vanilla ice cream covered in a milk chocolate. The second is chocolate ice cream covered in milk chocolate.

The small tubs hold 8.5 fluid ounces and can easily be shared without the need for spoons or ice cream scoops.

In further brand extension with Hershey's, there are several other candy-themed varieties: Heath Ice Cream Poppers & Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Poppers.

Kisses are currently celebrating their 100th anniversary.

Breyers has also entered into ice cream branding deals with Goya, Mars (M&Ms and Twix) and Kraft (Oreos).


Anonymous said...

Mmm... this looks yummy. After seeing the picture, my kids are urging me to buy one so they can taste it. :)

They love anything with chocolates; candy bars, cakes, ice cream, milk shakes...

Anonymous said...

...they are delicious! a cool, light, burst of kiss flavored ice cream-, then a creamy chocolaty-kiss finish!

Anonymous said...

They are really tasty. The vanilla remind me of Eskimo Pie bars.

Anonymous said...

Breyers has once again made their package smaller, yet charges the same price. They used to sell 2.0 qt containers, then went to 1.75 qt containers, now they are going to 1.5 qt containers. Where does it end ??? Half the original size package of ice cream for the same price ?? Time to start boycotting and buying anothe brand. Their competitors still sell in 2.0 qt or as used to be called 1/2 gallon of ice cream. But not Breyers !!!!
Good bye Breyers !!!

Anonymous said...

Breyers has once again made their packages smaller and still charging the same price. ONce used to be a 1/2 gallon size, then went to 1.75 qts and now going to 1.5 qts. Where does it end ?? Their competitors still sell in 1/2 gallons package. Time to boycott Breyers, soon will be 1/2 the original size package for the original $5.99 price !!! Bye Bye Breyers !!!

Anonymous said...

And it gets worse! Ive always loved Breyers and lately I noticed that its just not the same. It seemed to be more gummy. I always prized it for precisely the fact that it didnt have all kinds of fillers. Guess what? I finally looked the ingredients. Used to be milk,cream and sugar. Now there's tara gum. Bye, bye Breyer's is right. What were you guys thinking!!??

Anonymous said...

My favorite Ice Cream of all time has now been destroyed by the new company that bought them out. Person above has it right. So they started by putting this completely indigestable Tara Gum in their new and Diet products to save us from fat. But hey without the fat of the original Breyer's recipe it's far from the same product at all.

Consistency is way off and it does affect the taste. A few years ago, when it was still in half gallon containers, I could barely tell the difference between my home made ice cream and the Breyers from the store. Now there is a World of difference. So they are going to lose many customers.

But what's left to choose from? Well back to making my own where I know exactly what's in it! :D

Anonymous said...

I no longer buy Breyer's as it tastes the same as the store brand now because it is full of chemicals. Haagen Dasz is the Best.

Anonymous said...

We need a shipment sent to Fort Wayne, Indiana ASAP! There is not a place here in my town that sells Ice Cream Poppers and I want some now! This really sucks for me!

Anonymous said...

Dear Breyers, you should make better and more tasty ice cream flavors along with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. These flavors should be blueberry, grape, raspberry, and wild berry. Please do so because I love your ice cream!

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