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12 June, 2007

Redux Un-Names its Cocaine Energy Drink

Redux Beverages introduced Cocaine, an energy drink that by their own admission had nothing more notable about it than its name last September. The FDA eventually ruled that they could not continue to sell the drink.

Today they announced they've pulled not the drink, just the name of the drink from the market.

As of now the drink is known on as "Insert Name Here", allowing consumers to give it their own name. (No word if cans come with complementary Sharpie markers.)

Redux made the announcement in a press release that also heralded the new companion website, Upon checking the site today I found a "parked at GoDaddy" page, but perhaps that's all part of the allure of this drink.

Original review on Energy Drink Ratings.


drink cocaine on 1/15/2008 08:59:00 AM said...

lol what a joke

steve on 9/02/2008 11:09:00 PM said...

Its very energy drink i too want it for once. I heard its very energy so if anyone where it is available. How much we should take each day.
Crack Cocaine

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