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22 June, 2007

Introducing the Pickle Sickle

Here's a curious new product called the Pickle Sickle. It's a frozen treat made from pickle juice.

There is a small subset of people in this world who like to drink pickle juice, it's one of the few savory drinks out there. There are even fewer savory frozen treats (though I often eaten frozen peas or frozen corn as a snack on hot days). It might be a fun change of pace from frozen sugary juices on a stick.

Though the logo may give the impression it's an actual frozen pickle on a stick, the Pickle Sickle is packaged rather like Otter Pops. A little tube of plastic containing the pickle juice is stored at room temperature and then frozen to create the Pickle Sickle. Each portion is 2 ounces.

The company is just starting out, but if you're interested in ordering send them at email, there's no word on pricing or retail availability yet.


Anonymous said...

This just horrifies me. Some things are just wrong. Frozen pickle juice is at least one of them.

But I'm sure there are people out there who will just love this sort of thing. Like the people who eat deep fried pickles. *shudder*

Anonymous said...


... *pukes*...

Harris Tours on 6/30/2007 03:09:00 PM said...

I have to say, i have tried one of these and i was shocked to find out they were pretty darn good. On a hot day the anti dehydration benefit of pickle juice is an added bonus.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! I thought Golden Pickle Juice ( was bad, this is much worse.

If I wanted something pickle flavored, I think I'd rather just eat a pickle.

Anonymous said...

We have fried dill pickles, dill pickle chips, vinegar chips etc., why not pickle sicles? My daughter had been making them for us all summer. It is quite refreshing. The juice freezes solid but yet it is different texture from a regular popsicle. It is a smooth texture almost like a more solid slush. I know, it doesn't sound too apetizing but really it is pretty good. Try this one, too, freeze the actual pickle. It is good too! Those readers who are saying "yuck", if you like pickles, don't knock it until you try it. By the way, I like pickled eggs too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we have been selling them at out dixie youth baseball park for at least 7 years that i have been involved. kids love them, we charge .25 cents for a 2 oz. cup.
i have also heard that pickle juice prevents cramps, not sure if its true....

Anonymous said...


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