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18 June, 2007

In Vino Veritas Chocolates

Veritas Chocolatier is introducing In Vino Veritas, "single origin Chocolates for red & white wines."

Veritas, based in Glenview, IL has packaged the chocolate morsels just for wine afficianados. They are presented in a 3 oz. (85g) box with an attached cardboard loop that fits over the neck of a wine bottle.

Single origin chocolate products have been available for several years, and like wine, they capitalize on the unique flavor profile of a growing season, local conditions and bean variety. The 64% cocoa varieties include Ecuador Dark Chocolate for Light Red Wines, Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate for Bold Red Wines and Costa Rica Milk Chocolate for Sparkling & Dry White Wines.

Look for them at Cost Plus World Market and other upscale stores that sell wine and gourmet items.


Anonymous said...

I have people coming in to our store to buy Vino Veritas just to eat, not to have with wine. Women like the bite size morsels (portion control) and just a couple pieces of really good chocolate is very satisfying!

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