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29 June, 2007

Fizzies return with new Two Pack

Steve reported on the re-introduction of Fizzies last summer, which is a line of tablets you drop in water to create a flavored carbonated drink.

They're now available in two-tablet packs instead of full boxes at retail locations (previously only available on the web and some specialty retailers).

Originally introduced using saccharin as a sweetener, the tablets were reformulated several times over the years to upgrade to FDA-approved sweeteners. This re-introduction of Fizzies uses a combination of several sweeteners including sorbitol, acesulfame potassium (AceK) and sucralose (Splenda). Since Sucralose is more than 500 times sweeter than sugar, it takes only 1/500 the amount to sweeten ... a Fizzies tablet using real sugar would make it bigger than a golf ball.

1 Fizzies tablet is good for flavoring 4-6 ounces of water. One serving has 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C and "~45% less [benzene] than the amount considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Fizzies can be used to make soda out of plain water and are small enough to fit into most standard water bottles. They come in seven flavors: sour apple, lemon-lime, root beer, cherry, orange, blue razz and fruit punch.


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