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11 June, 2007

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

Tootsie, who now owns the old Nabisco Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babies line is introducing a new product to their happy family.

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies will come out this fall. They feature the traditional Sugar Babies' milk caramel center with an apple flavored candy coating.

They should be hitting the shelves this fall just in time for county fairs and of course Halloween. Look for them in the 5 ounce movie boxes at first.


Lesley said...

Oooh, that is good news. I want some now, though!

Anonymous said...

We have already tastes them and they are wonderful. Let me know if where we can buy them online.

Kris on 7/22/2007 07:23:00 PM said...

Hmmmmmmmmm that funny not till fall... just bought 2 boxes of them this past weekend (7-21) and they are delicious!

Anonymous said...

Dang this candy is the best I have had in awhile I bought like four boxes and they were good. I want to buy more where can I get more. I have been trying to look online.

DeeAnna on 7/27/2007 12:56:00 PM said...

Where can you buy these???

Anonymous said...

These are the BEST!!! We have found them only once in a while - a couple of times at Holiday gas stations. We want more; I even went to the Tootsie Roll website under new products and these delicious little babies are not listed. WHERE ARE THEY? HELP! We need these...thanks.

Anonymous said...

these are awesome - I found them at 99 cents only.

Anonymous said...

where did you find them for .99 tell...i love these!

Anonymous said...

the only place i can find them is at albertsons.

Anonymous said...

Found them at Wal-Mart!! Amazing & addicting!!

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