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13 June, 2007

Banana Twinkies Return

This is the real deal, the original Twinkie as it was first introduced has returned: Banana Twinkies.

The banana flavor, which was replaced with vanilla creme following a banana shortage in the 1940s, had only been available during special limited time offers. Overwhelming consumer demand during a recent promotion, however, prompted Twinkies' bakers to bring it back for good.

500,000 Twinkies are sold each year, so Hostess has no intention of messing with the Vanilla that has been available for generations. Hostess notes that it's an urban legend that Twinkies last forever, they really only have a shelf life of about 25 days (so don't go eating any of the original Banana Creme Twinkies).

Twinkies are made by Hostess Cakes. (Press release from PRWire.)


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