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15 June, 2007

Aunt Sally's Pralines

The Pecan Praline is a New Orleans favorite and Aunt Sally's has been making pralines since the early 1930s. Though recipes vary throughout the south, Aunt Sally's makes the traditional Creole style (and prefers the pronunciation prah-leen).

But they're not too hung up with tradition, after all, they've expanded from the Original Creamy flavor and added Cafe au Lait, Bananas Foster and Triple Chocolate.

They're sold at their shop in New Orleans as well as online at their webstore.

The pralines are individually wrapped and have a shelf life of 6 months.

If you don't want Pecan Pralines, they also make Praline Pecans.


Anonymous said...

Those pralines look really good, unfortunately I'll always stay with Bouchard :), who produces excellent Belgian chocolate :D , you should definately check it out :).

Anonymous said...

We had got some from a family on ebay. They are spectacular. They are super creamy and just plain yummy.! AWESOME

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