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05 December, 2006

Rudolph's Cinnamon Churros

Rudolph's Cinnamon ChurrosNew from Rudolph Foods Co. of Lima, OH are these Cinnamon Churros.

Churros are absolutely "dee-lish" when served up hot from the fryer (just like doughnuts). But I'm not sure if this bagged variety can mimic the same goodness. I imagine they'll have a pretty good snackability factor, though part of what makes a churro so good is not just taste, but the "crunchy-outer-soft-warm-inner" that you can't get from a bag.

These are billed as trans-fat free.

Rudolph Foods is known for making pork rinds, and this may be their first snack food that doesn't contain pig skin.

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Anonymous said...

Rudolph's Cinnamon Churros aren't exactly as good as real churros, but they are a pretty good snack if you are in the mood for something cinnamon-sugary. These taste almost exactly like the cinnamon twists on the dessert menu at Taco Bell. I bought a bag of these for 78 cents at Walmart so they are a pretty inexpensive snack as well. Overall, these are pretty good, but probably not something I would purchase all the time.

Anonymous said...

diiao? it's dee-lish-see-yosh! diiao.

Lisa Greenstein on 5/22/2007 08:22:00 AM said...

These contain an artificial sweetener (either aspartame or sucralose, I forget which). There is no warning in the labeling other than the list of ingredients. Watch out for these if you are avoiding artificial sweeteners.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic!!!!

I love them!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful i just love them the best when are u going to send more to walmart i cant find them anywhere they were only 78 cents a bag on your website you want a 1.00 something or more. why is that. u should make it cheaper. than that.
sad face :(

Anonymous said...

I just love these. The only thing is they are hard to find.They have them at WalMart in Wichita Falls, TX but they don't keep them in stock very often. So where else can I buy them in Wichita Falls, TX??

Anonymous said...

I love the churros. I will buy them 4 or 5 bags at a time. I like the light crunchy taste. And to find a snack that tastes as good as these do with an artifical sweetener is rare. I also find the same problem I find them at walmart in Summerville,SC, but the last time I looked for them, they didn't have very many left. Please try to have them delivered more often or let walmart know that they need to order them more. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please send more to Wal Mart. They never have enough here in Bossier City. These are so good. Please help.
Wayne Thrash

Anonymous said...

These churros are so good. The Wal Mart store in Bossier City never has anything customers want. They claim the computer does the ordering. You would think that the customer would decide when and what to order. They are always out of everything!!! Please help them to order more. This is crazy to have to beg for a product. Can you help??

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