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06 December, 2006

Reese's Elvis Cups Not Yet in the Market

Last month I reported that the new Reese's Elvis Cups are available in stores now. But we stand corrected, after having read an article in Advertising Age today:

The new limited edition cups will be selling next summer, to mark the 30th Anniversary of the King's death.

We rely on a variety of sources for our information. In this case, we received information from a marketing intelligence firm, that told us these had been introduced into the USA. I called them about this. They said they saw this product at the last NACS show (National Association of Convenience Stores). They didn't originally explain this in their report, they only said that they've been introduced into the USA.

So, it looks like my bad for not pressing for clarification. But it's definitely a real product!


Heather Chamberlain on 12/30/2006 05:16:00 AM said...

I can't wait for these, my site is begging for them
I have being reviewing alot of other reese's so I am not sure of them, they might be overrated, because the origanal reese's is the tastiest ever

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