06 December, 2006

Chewing Gum that Washes Off with Soap

Revolymer Ltd., a Wales-based company, claims to have developed a new chemical base for chewing gum that allows it to removed from pavements and surfaces with soap and water.

According to Professor Terence Cosgrove, the company's chief scientific officer...
"We have managed to change the surface characteristics of the gum base which will allow a stream of water or a mild soap solution to break the adhesion between chewing gum residues and surfaces such as paving stones, furniture, hair, etc.,"
The company now wants to create its own chewing gum and put it to the real test. If this takes off, we may end up with a new problem of chewing gum gobbing up our sewer systems.

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Reese's Elvis Cups Not Yet in the Market

Last month I reported that the new Reese's Elvis Cups are available in stores now. But we stand corrected, after having read an article in Advertising Age today:


The new limited edition cups will be selling next summer, to mark the 30th Anniversary of the King's death.

We rely on a variety of sources for our information. In this case, we received information from a marketing intelligence firm, that told us these had been introduced into the USA. I called them about this. They said they saw this product at the last NACS show (National Association of Convenience Stores). They didn't originally explain this in their report, they only said that they've been introduced into the USA.

So, it looks like my bad for not pressing for clarification. But it's definitely a real product!
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05 December, 2006

Rudolph's Cinnamon Churros

Rudolph's Cinnamon ChurrosNew from Rudolph Foods Co. of Lima, OH are these Cinnamon Churros.

Churros are absolutely "dee-lish" when served up hot from the fryer (just like doughnuts). But I'm not sure if this bagged variety can mimic the same goodness. I imagine they'll have a pretty good snackability factor, though part of what makes a churro so good is not just taste, but the "crunchy-outer-soft-warm-inner" that you can't get from a bag.

These are billed as trans-fat free.

Rudolph Foods is known for making pork rinds, and this may be their first snack food that doesn't contain pig skin.

Visit Rudolph Foods online at: http://www.rudolphfoods.com/
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Dora the Explorer Ice Cream

Dora The Explorer Ice CreamNew from Breyers Ice Cream is their Dora the Explorer variety.

It's a combination of strawberry sherbet swirled with low-fat banana ice cream, with Dora the Explorer graphics. The package claims that it's an excellent source of vitamin C.

A 1.75 quart carton retails for $5.29.

Visit Breyers online at: http://www.icecreamusa.com
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04 December, 2006

iDeserv Energy Pretzels

iDeserv Energy PretzelsiDeserv Energy Pretzels are a new product from Benzel's Bakery, Inc. of Altoona, PA.

From what I can tell, they don't really contain any of the energy-boosting ingredients you might expect to find in energy drinks. They are, however, fortified with niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, and folic acid.

In addition, the package text claims that they contain, "More protein and fiber than regular pretzels!".

They might make great companions with the recently launched "Vitamin Beer".

Visit Benzel's Bakery at: http://www.benzels.com/
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Cookies that Smile In Your Favorite Colors

Smiley CookiesNow you can customize your own batch of Smiley Cookies online.

Eat'n Park announced today it's world-famous signature treat can created in any combination of 9 background colors and 9 face colors, to come up with 81 different color combinations.

The cookies can then be bought online and shipped to you, at a price of $6.99 per dozen, plus shipping.

You can do red & green for Christmas, or your team's colors for football parties, etc.

Eat'n Park is a chain of family restaurants with 77 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Their Smiley Cookies is a signature treat they offer to their guests. Last year, they began selling Smiley Cookies online so that folks all over the USA can enjoy them.

Buy Smiley Cookies online: http://www.eatnpark.com/
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