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10 November, 2006

XGrindz Extreme Sports Chips

XGrindzXGrindz is a new brand of snack chips targeted to the extreme sports lifestyle.

They feature packaging designs and product concepts that are designed to appeal to youths hooked on such sports as skateboarding, BMX, surfing, motorcross, and snowboarding.

There are currently four varieties available...
  • FMX - Kiss of Death Hot Cheese Stix

  • Skate - Smokin' BBQ Chip

  • BMX - Totally Tasty Tail Whip Potato Chip

  • Surf - Killer Sweet Maui Onion
Each bag features a celebrity pro-athlete.

All XGrindz snacks are free of trans fat, and each bag includes free stickers. They've began appearing on store shelves last Summer.

Visit XGrindz website at: http://www.xgrindz.com


Anonymous said...

the sweet maui onion are the bomb. OMG!!!

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