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17 November, 2006

Woman Successfully Sues After Drinking 5,000 Liters of Coke

Annanova reports that a Russian woman sued Coca-Cola for physical damages after drinking 5,000 liters of Coke.
Natalya Kashuba, 27, the owner of an up-market clothes shop, drank up to three litres of the soft drink every day for five years.

She took legal action against the soft drinks giant after claiming that she had suffered insomnia and heartburn, reports the Telegraph.
She blames Coca-Cola for the addiction because the company ran a promotion that allowed consumers to swap Coca Cola caps for prizes.

Two Russian courts agreed with her, and is forcing Coca-Cola to pay awards. She's now seeking further awards for "moral damages".

Sounds to me that Russians have fully grasped the concepts of capitalism.


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