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17 November, 2006

Tim's Potato Chips - Wasabi

Tim's Wasabi Potato ChipsBeing of Japanese descent, I had to try these wasabi-flavored potato chips from Tim's Cascade Snacks of Algona, WA.

These are kettle-style potato chips that offer the thicker cut with extra-crispy goodness that you expect from a gourmet chip.

You can definitely taste the wasabi flavor, but it's not overpowering, rather mild. With a wasabi-flavored chip you might expect "green chips", but they have the typical light tan color familiar to potato chips.

The ingredients list says that it contains "wasabi powder", but goes on to say that it's actually horseradish. Wasabi served in just about all Japanese restaurants is horseradish, and not true wasabi. I've yet to find a restaurant or food product with "real" wasabi.

So, while it might have been interesting to find a chip flavored with real wasabi, I suppose I'll have to settle with horseradish instead.

Otherwise, these chips are very snackable. They have an "average" potato taste, and offer a mild saltiness. They have zero trans fat. Now that I've opened the bag, I'm finding it difficult to stay away. I could blog with this food totally.

I bought this at my local Albertson's grocery store, which comes in a 9oz bag.

Visit Tim's Cascade Snacks online at: http://www.birdseyefoods.com/tims/


Anonymous said...

as far as i know wasabi is horseradish and some gone on to say that What is usually known as wasabi is actually horseradish powder (dried and ground regular horseradish), mustard powder, with a little cornstarch and ... what do you think "real" wasabi is? just checking

Steve on 11/25/2006 05:22:00 PM said...

Wasabi is an actual plant, different from Horseradish. The reason why most, if not all, US restaurants use horseradish is because it's much cheaper. Wasabi requires very specific growing conditions, and as such, is difficult to cultivate in large quantities.

You can buy real wasabi online from here: http://www.freshwasabi.com/

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