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07 November, 2006

Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

Snack Factory Pretzel CrispsThe Snack Factory has a new flavor coming out in their line of Pretzel Crisps.

"Honey Mustard & Onion" is the fourth flavor in the line of pretzel-based crackers, accompany the existing Original, Garlic and Everything Crisps.

Pretzel Crisps are oven baked, ultra-thin and OU Pareve. Both sides are coated with flavoring and are billed as low fat with 110 calories per serving.

The new flavor is available in a resealable 6-ounce stand-up bag and is priced at $2.99.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pretzel crisps, but can't find them! One time found at a Wal-Mart in Kansas City, but no longer there. Price Chopper and Sunfresh stores don't have. Where can I buy more?

Anonymous said...

I also love them, but can't find them anywhere. The company sent me an e-mail indicating that their website ( has a store locator on it. They also mentioned that Sam's, Costco and carry them (I've been purchasing them from

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