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28 November, 2006

Rice Works - Brown Rice Crisps

Rice Works Thai CurrySnack Alliance, Inc. is now offering these Brown Rice Crisps to the USA under the Rice Works brand.

Produced in Canada, they're a riced version of tortilla chips, with a wide assortment of flavors, including, Salsa Verde, Arroz Mexicana, Thai Curry, Sweet Chili, Sea Salt, Sesame & Soy, and Wasabi.

They're touted at being uber-healthy and allergen-friendly, being wheat-free, gluten-free, with 1/3 the fat of potato chips, no trans fat, along with a bunch of other stuff that it doesn't have.

No explanation on where you can buy these, but I imagine places like Whole Foods Markets, would appear likely.

Visit online: http://www.riceworkssnacks.com


Anonymous said...

I'm in Boulder, CO and whole foods doesn't carry them here, but I picked up a bag at Costco (sweet chili) and they are fantastic (especially since I'm gluten allergic)!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Lakewood, Colorado, and same story as boulder writer. Costco carries the sweet salsa but thats the only flavor. they are terrific but want another flavor or two.

Jay Fox

Anonymous said...

I'm in North NJ and also got to try the sweet chili variety from costco. I thought they were great and would be very interested in seeing them in more stores with the full flavor lineup (and some more reasonable bag sizes)

Anonymous said...

Same here - I got the Sweet Chili in Costco in Long Island City (Queens, New York City). They have a fantastic flavor and texture.

Seems like they are still building their website. I was wondering if you could order directly from them...

Anonymous said...

Got mine at Costco too... and they are OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Hope more stores pick them up, as my husband AND myself have gone Quackers for them.

Notice that they have a high fiber content, which somewhat offsets the fat content. YUM!

Anonymous said...

these things are SOOOO good! I just bought them at the Costco in Queens, NY.

Aasiyah on 2/11/2007 10:16:00 PM said...

Yeah we just picked it up at Costco too and I loved it! I wish Costco would carry more flavors then just Sweet Chilli. I want to taste the Thai Curry chips. I'm sure they are just as yummy and healthy as Sweet Chilli. Seriously this is great without the fat :)
I'm going to see if Trader Joes got them yet.

Unknown on 7/11/2007 01:21:00 PM said...

Snack Alliance Inc. Bristol VA has launched Riceworks, a thin, brown, rice snack chip that will be produced exclusively in Bristol and sold across Canada, England and the United States.
Snack Alliance Chairman Pat Lindenbach said today the company must hire 32 more people in 12 months to increase production. The chip, which comes in four flavors in the United States, went on sale today at Food City stores.
For comment from Food City officials and a list of chip flavors, read tomorrow’s Bristol Herald Courier.

THoguht everyone would like to know where to find them. Headed to buy a bag after wrok ;-).

Bruce F

cmoneyster on 7/25/2007 11:23:00 PM said...

Bloom Grocery Stores also carry these awesome chips. Goto http://www.shopbloom.com to locate the nearest store. ENJOY!!

Anonymous said...

Why do the Riceworkshave Autolyzed Yeast Extract which has MSG in it???

See the truth in labeling page: Are they trying to hide MSG??

Anonymous said...

The walmart a few miles from my house had them on july 3-4 2007. They were 4 for $1. I bought 2 of the sea salt and 1 of the sesame soy bags. They are GOOD. I wish i would have bought more. :(

Anonymous said...

the riceworks website - www.riceworkssnacks.com - lists the retailers where you can find riceworks. Amazon.com also sells them now. the website has a shoe sweepstakes where you can win $2500 worth of shoes, or join their Consumer Advisory Panel. check it out!

Anonymous said...

The sweet chili is my total favorite!! I first found them at Walmart, and now they no longer carries them. I finally found "Rice Works" at Costco here in Las Vegas NV, but they did not carry the sweet chili, but only the Salsa. How is other costco from the other states carries it but not in NV. I was going to order it on Amazon. That is how much I crave to have them'

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, look again, they aren't rice, they're rice and corn.
I get a range of allergic reactions, possibly from the GMO'd corn, possibly from the amounts and types of disguised MSG. I'm not alone on that one.
-"Sodium acetate"
-"Autolyzed yeast extract"
-"Disodium Iosinate'
-"Sodium Diacetate"
-"Disodium Guanylate"
Read about these, before you champion this product, I can assure you that you're in for some surprises.

Anonymous said...

ditto here - my son has reactions from MSG - I never have that I remember - and I just did after having some with lunch - so there must be a ton of MSG in them or something - not sure - but be careful with allergies

Anonymous said...

Hi all
I am gluten free so was thrilled to see the riceworks chips here in UK.

I bought the seasalt, ate the whole bag (like you do) and loved them. The following week I bought the sesame soy and did the same thing, I WAS SOOO ILL FOR 24 HOURS. I felt totally poisoned.

I know I have a problem with MSG, the company swear there is no gluten in them, so it must be the MSG. Please dont eat them if you are ceoliac.


Deena Keric
Liverpool UK

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to see the snackworks brown rice product on the super market shelves in the UK. Shame when I read the back of the pack and they contained ingredients that I didn't understand - no sale I'm afraid. Snackworks do not seem to take non-directed comments on their website, so they don't know that they're missing out on a whole market. I really like http://www.snapzcrisps.com/about-us.htm - their product are suitable for coeliacs.... but they're also totally healthy too!

Anonymous said...

The Sea Salt version of the Rice Works chips look like they do not have MSG (not positive about that), but the other flavors probably do. Unfortunately MSG is hidden in several spice mixes (always suspicious of "other natural flavors" or similar ingredients) even if it is not a separately added ingredient.

Penelope on 1/14/2009 12:55:00 AM said...

I got poisoned too by Riceworks snacks. The company did not reply to my letter (see below). Riceworks have an incredibly slick advertising campaign going, they even have their own Celiac website now! These products are toxic! Not even vegan as advertised. What a con!:-
I purchased your Sweet Chili Brown rice snacks in Costco for the first time as a Christmas treat for myself, because I am a celiac and I live in Korea and no gluten-free foods are available here at all. I also have a severe allergy to MSG, so I was pleased to read that your snacks were "different", being made from brown rice and all natural ingredients.
I read the advertising blurb on the packet. "NO preservatives, artificial flavors...","It's made only with the good stuff...etc", so I assumed that all the ingredients were safe and healthy as your company promises.

However, I had a severe allergic reaction after eating the crisps - large blood blisters appeared on my tongue and the inside of my cheeks had reddish lumps. Initially I wasn't sure what had caused this reaction, and 2 days later I ate some more crisps - and this time, besides the previous symptoms, my entire mouth and gums became inflamed, painful and red. I have never experienced such symptoms before. I couldn't even brush my teeth. It took at least 2 days to subside, and I just felt generally tired and sick.

I know I had this allergic reaction from all the toxic and unnecessary MSG-like chemicals you put in there: for example:-
Disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, Sodium diacetate, citric acid, and the known carcinogen, caramel color.
I took a closer look at the ingredients and looked them up in a food ingredients reference book.
Here's what I found:-
1. Disodium inosinate - of animal origin, often contains MSG (!!!). Flavor enhancer. Potential effects - kidney problems. Not recommended for children.
2. disodium guanylate - flavor enhancer. Caution advised for people sensitive to aspirin, may cause kidney problems, not recommended for children.
3. Sodium diacetate - buffer , preservative.(!!!) Potential effects: skin and eye irritation, moderate toxicity by ingestion.
4. Citric acid - acidulant, flavoring, preservative(!!!) Potential effects: may provoke symptoms in those who react to MSG, excess may cause tooth erosion.
5. Caramel (natural) - coloring, flavoring. Potential effects: gastrointestinal problems, undergoing tests for mutagenic, teratogenic, and reproductive effects.

So in actuality your product contains 2 preservatives, a carcinogen, and chemicals similar to/or containing MSG that are not recommended for children. Some of these ingredients can also cause kidney problems, or are moderately toxic by ingestion!

I am really shocked that your company could so blatantly mislead consumers with false advertising, not to mention charging a premium price for a "health" food that is in reality so loaded with toxic chemicals that it actually makes some people very sick. So much for only "Natural ingredients" as claimed on your website.

I will be pursuing this matter further with government health agencies, consumer groups, various health support groups, and legal bodies, as I think your company is a danger to public health and safety as well as guilty of serious product misrepresentation and false advertising.

I look forward to your reply,
(name withheld in this post)

Anonymous said...

Traders Joe's sells a Sea Salt and Pepper Crips made with rice, that has NO additional garbage added! Check them out!

Anonymous said...

Penny, I think you're going a little crazy here.

Yes some people have allergies to certain ingredients, and there's no way for a company to get around this.

You can just pick-apart every ingredient and assume its harmful.

MSG itself is natural, its been around for a thousand years. It was never intended to kill people.
What you should research is where you come from. Are your ancestors from europe? Perhaps you don't have a tolerance for MSG.
That's like many people from asia, who have no tolerance for dairy, simply because it's not in their natural diet.

You can't just go off against a company like that without doing some more extensive homework.

Disodium inosinate, doesn't contain msg, its often used WITH msg.
Its a misconception. Read more next time.

Citric Acid - This occurs naturally in lemons, oranges etc!
Are you saying fruit is now bad for you? C'mon. If they used lemon juice, or an orange flavor, its gonna have citric acid. Also many european and arabic dishes use citric acid as a natural preservative (through the use of the natural fruit, ie squeezing a lemon).

So maybe instead of going to some propaganda sites, you could actually research some if this. You may find its not as evil as you think.

If you have an allergy, you have an allergy. There's not much they can do about that.

I'm not allergic to it, does that mean I have to stop enjoying it because you don't have the tolerance for it?

It's not poison, it's your intolerance for the ingredients.

That's like saying peanuts are poison, when it's just an allergy.

Get your facts straight next time.

Unknown on 5/07/2009 10:20:00 AM said...

I am in Dallas, and I bought Sea Salt flavor at the local Wal-mart.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's in this but to my surprise I found out I'm allergic. Tried it for the first time, a couple days ago- broke out in hives less than 2 hrs later. Thought this was from something else bc I could not believe these "healthy chips" were the cuase. A few days later I tried again and now there is no doubt. No more "Rice Works" for me.

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