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15 November, 2006

Rehab Recovery Supplement Energy Drink

Rehab Recovery Supplement Energy DrinkHere's a new energy drink that markets itself as a "rehab recovery supplement".

Named, "Rehab Recovery Supplement" it has a label design to look like something medicinal, or perhaps something a physician might prescribe to you. Instead of showing bold bright colors that attract skateboarders and dirt bikers, this displays a more modest and drab design making it appear more "serious".

The can states that it contains "251 mg of electrolytes to hydrate the body and a great Cherry Tangerine taste - a proprietary combination of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature: CoQ10, green tea, catechins - 157 mg of ginseng & caffeine - 135 percent RDA of vitamin B complex and vitamin C."

Interesting that they use Cherry and Tangerine as a flavor because a lot of medicinal products use the same flavor (cough syrups, baby aspirin, throat lozenges).

Available in the USA, it is manufactured for Rehab Beverage, LLC of Englewood Cliffs, NJ. It has a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Note: This information comes from one of our shopping sources, but I can't seem to find this company or product on the Internet.


Rickard on 11/27/2006 09:31:00 AM said...

Does anyone know the namne of the manufacturer and if they have a homepage?

Anonymous said...

I'm drinking my first right now, and the taste is initially very good, but the lingering taste is VERY medicinal. It's still not undrinkable. Monster still has the all-time best taste in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love the taste, it is the best tasting energy drink i have tried so far. I mixed it with alcohol felt hydrated and great the next morning. i've tried mixing other energy drinks with alcohol in the past and either i cant go to sleep and feel gittery, or i have a terrible hang over. I wish i knew more places that sold it.

Anonymous said..., but it's a work in process.

Anonymous said...

It's not an enrgy drink!!! It's a recovery supplement. It's made by Fuze Beverages.

Anonymous said...

looks like has a competition

ryan on 8/08/2007 07:28:00 AM said...

I HATE most energy drinks. They leave me with jitters. I suffer from severe allergies. I take Claritin and Zicam in the morning. This morning, the two did NOTHING. I bought a Rehab, and after half of it, my head was clear. I know it sounds ridiculous, but many of the vitamins in Rehab are natural antihistamines and immune boosters. I just wish there wasn't so much caffeine. I'll deal with it, until I find a worthy allergy remedy.

Anonymous said...

Rehab is a new in the market . you can find it in the beer cold doors in most up and down the street markets. Ask for it by name its the same people that sell Nos.

Mike said...

This is a great drink. I get a better kick from it than from Monster. Interesting note, they changed the label and did away with the Rx in the lettering. I think they probably had to because of Rehab Las Vegas, the long running Sunday afternoon pooll party that used almost the exact same logo. The clubs been around longer than the drink.

Anonymous said...

Just bought mine too. Looks like Coca Cola is distributing this drink.

Anonymous said...

this drink made me throw up after my socer game! hahaa(: but i love this drink! i love any energy drink!! it makes me feel gooooood.
k shooots. brah!

BigTomcat said...

I discovered this yesterday at a "Mom & Pop" liquor store while waiting for our table for Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant two-doors down. I needed it for rehab purposes and while the effects only lasted two hours -- I felt very good during dinner, enjoyed my meal and made good conversation. I need to find these near my home -- until I really check into rehab!

Kris on 12/27/2007 03:58:00 PM said...

I found this by mistake while in a local convenient store. It was enjoyable and different than all the rest of the energy drinks out there plus I have an Advertising background so I'm always entertained by marketing/promotion stuff like this. One day after nursing a bad hangover, I grabbed one of these and added a tablet of Airborne and had GREAT success in feeling better. Plus it added to the taste. Just wanted to share.

Anonymous said...

This is in my opinion one of the best tasting energy drinks out there. It's been hard to find though, I can only get it at a couple convenience stores near my house. It doesn't make me shake or give me a super caffeine high or a coming down feeling when I drink it - it's just a nice relaxed awake feeling. I love it.

Czes Kulvis on 7/31/2008 11:50:00 PM said...

You are speaking about energy drinks. But what it really means?

I am not American and on my 50 now. It seems to me it has nothing to do with energy, but rather with business.

Anyway, I prefer pure water - and coffee.

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