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21 November, 2006

Planters Cinnamon Roasted Peanuts

Planters Cinnamon Roasted PeanutsIn celebration of its 100th Anniversary, the Planters brand of peanuts is offering "Cinnamon Roasted Peanuts".

Available as a limited edition run, they come in a 6.5oz can selling for $1.50 each.

Planters also has other varieties slated for 100th Anniversary limited edition runs, "Honey Roasted Peanuts", "Cajun Peanuts", and "Honey Mustard Peanuts".

Visit Planters online:


Unknown on 11/27/2006 01:14:00 PM said...

From all the staff at Samoan Power, we just wanted to say thank you for keeping an ever vigalant watch on the junk food we so desperatly need to stay alive and powerful. Keep up the excellent work!

Ralphie, web master and fat bastard.

M. Joseph on 1/08/2007 03:34:00 PM said...

I saw these peanuts on clearance at an area Target store (around Chicago), so I grabbed a few cans.

They were excellent!

I wish they were still out in my area.

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