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07 November, 2006

Pesticide-Free Sunflower Seeds

Eco-Farms Sunflower SeedsEco-Farms Ltd. based out of Manitoba, Canada, offers a line of pesticide-free sunflower seeds.

They're now being made available to stores in the USA.

They come in two varieties, "Seasoned" and "Salted". I'm not sure what seasonings are in the Seasoned variety. Package text claims that they're grown using no chemical insecticide, herbicide, or fungicide sprays, and that they're exclusively grown on their own family farm.

They come in resealable 5.5 oz. stand-up bags. The suggested retail price is $1.49 each.

Visit Eco-Farms Ltd. at:


Anonymous said...

You know how you get a bag of David's or Spitz and on occasion run across an exceptional seed and think, "Man, I wish the all seeds were as good as this?" Well, these seeds are CLOSE to that. Wow. More expensive, sure, but worth it! I got mine at Whole Foods.

Adam on 1/14/2009 06:42:00 PM said...

I also purchased at Whole Foods for just under $2 per 5.5 oz. bag. The seasoned ones have a lower sodium content than the salted ones (170 mg vs. 220 mg per 2/3 cup serving), and the seasoning is a very light and mild chili flavor--I'd actually like a little more flavor.

The quality of the seeds in both the seasoned and salted is exceptional--very large seeds with very few duds. I'll never go back to David's-there is simply no comparison.

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