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02 November, 2006

North America's First Organic Refrigerated Pickle

Strub Organic PicklesStrub Brothers Ltd., based out of Ontario, Canada, now claims to offer the first ever "organic refrigerated pickle" in North America.

The two varieties, Bread & Butter Pickle Chips, and Kosher Dill Pickle, each carry the USDA Certified Organic stamp on their labels.

However, it seemed odd to me that no one else has produced a certified organic pickle before, considering the USDA Certified Organic stamp is being put on just about every other food category. I did a search and discovered that last April Del Monte/Gedney actually announced the "first line of USDA-certified organic pickles". But they didn't say that it was a "refrigerated" line of pickles. So I suppose that's the ticket.

For more information about Strub's Organic Pickles, visit their website:


Anonymous said...

I think the definition of pickles is that they need not to be refrigidated. This is why they are made.

bloomeanie on 11/04/2006 08:08:00 PM said...

They are not labeled "Organic," but Bubbies brand, which is found at Whole Foods (and so they must have passed some test), is a fantastic, refrigeratated pickle product. They have both dills and bread & butter pickles. They have other products (Saurkraut, horseradish) but they are not reliably sold here in the East.

Organic food on 8/25/2009 04:34:00 AM said...

"first organic pickles of North America". Its a good news. Thanks

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