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16 November, 2006

Newman's Own Organic Mints

Newman's Own Organic MintsOrganic Mints are new to the Newman's Own Organics line from the Aptos, CA-based food manufacturer.

Made with organic sweeteners, varieties include "Wintergreen", "Hot Cinnamon", "Peppermint", and "Ginger" with graphics of a polar bear, a tiger, a ram and a dragon, respectively.

According to product literature, the flavors are made from organic sugar, organic corn syrup, gum arabic, natural flavors, and rice bran extract. Three pieces contain ten calories with 2g of sugar with no total fat, sodium or protein. Each tin is stamped with the USDA organic seal.

They're now available in the USA for a suggested retail price of $2.39, though not yet represented on the company's website as of this writing.

Visit the company's website at:

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Vic on 8/10/2009 02:15:00 PM said...

The Newman's Own peppermints are very poor quality, hardly any peppermint taste. I anticipated their being good, and bought a few packs. I was so disappointed, I threw away 2 packs. Why can't they add enough peppermint flavor to make them not taste like carrots, which is what they taste like now. Terrible.

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