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10 November, 2006

Mega Bite Quarter Pound Cookies

Cookietree Mega Bite CookiesJunk Foodies with a cookie addiction might want to take notice of a line of cookies called "Mega Bite".

They're made by Cookietree Bakeries of Salt Lake City, UT. The Mega Bite line offers up a single cookie weighing 4oz, roughly the equivalent of three Grandma's Cookies.

Mega Bite cookies offer a soft & chewy quality and come in several varieties. The newest variety is pictured here, "Snickerdoodle", sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

In addition to a single-count package, they also sell them in four-count packages.

Visit Cookietree Bakeries online at:


Anonymous said...

Anyone know where these can be bought? They don't seem to sell them online, and I've never seen them in the Atlanta area.

Niceguy on 10/10/2007 05:20:00 PM said...

I also would like to know where to buy these. I knew they sold them at our school for $1 each, but they have stopped carrying them and I really would like one!
I have seen them at a quiznos in the airport for like $3, and they sold them on an American Airlines flight too.

Anonymous said...

I had them shipped to me directly from Cookietree. They are a bit expensive, but man they are so good.

Roswell Card Lady on 12/01/2007 04:09:00 AM said...

Hi, I am a distributor for SendOutCards, and we have just begun making these MegaBite Cookies available as gifts to send with our cards.

You can choose a greeting card design from our on-line collection, and we print and mail it for you. But NOW you can also enclose a box of these cookies (or two dozen of the smaller ones), with your card - it arrives in a Priority Mail box.

The Cookietree company is in the same town as our main printing facility, so it's a great business venture!

Anonymous said...

I'm a flight attendant for American Airlines and was looking online to find out where (other than on our planes!) I could purchase these cookies. There is a Holiday Mega Bite cookie we are selling on our flights right now that is so yummy. It's gingerbread with chunks of white chocolate. I was hoping to be able to order them online, but no such luck. I guess when the Holidays are is that delicious gingerbread cookie.

Megan on 3/12/2008 09:13:00 AM said...

If those idiots want people to buy their effing cookies they should make them more available!!!

Anonymous said...

For those looking for these cookies, I just had a reply back from Cookietree. They are primarily a food service distributor, i.e. sell to restaurants and fast food joints. They do sell to all Quiznos restaurants if you want to try that, which is what I'm going to do first. They also will sell by mailorder. Contact them directly for order form and rates. Next day air, so freight is likely to be high.

Anonymous said...

ok where can we order these from?? they look so good and just saw them on the food network station. i want some!!!

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