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01 November, 2006

McRib Sandwich Makes a Brief Comeback

McRib SandwichMcDonald's today announced that its McRib Sandwich will be brought back for a limited time.

The company announced last year that it would discontinue the sandwich. But due to popular demand, they're bringing it back. The company has created a "McRib Farewell Tour II" campaign to accompany this limited time occasion.

The tour starts October 30, 2006, but only at select McDonald's restaurants throughout the USA. Once the tour is over, the McRib Sandwich will be retired forever, according to McDonalds. However, they also launched a special website containing a petition to prevent permanent retirement:

Apparently, the National Pork Board is getting in on this campaign. Jeff Pigott, director of foodservice marketing for NPB says...
The National Pork Board is pleased to be associated with McDonald's and in celebrating the return of the McRib. The McRib sandwich is a great way to get consumers excited about pork and all its benefits.
Oh come on now! A guy named Pigott working for the National Pork Board?

Extra: Check out McD's parody website: Boneless Pig Farmers of America

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Paul on 11/02/2006 09:54:00 AM said...

That's not a parody site, that's a viral advertising site from McD's.

Anonymous said...

looks disgusting. UGH!

Anonymous said...

You don't make it easy to find tha place to sign the petition!!! (I never did) I'd love to have the McRib stay on the menu forever!

Anonymous said...

The McRib is the best thing that ever happenend to McD's. Make it a permanant item on the menue. When yall have the Mcrib that is about the only time I ever frequent the establisment. LEAVE IT ALONE AND LEAVE IT ON THE DOGGONE MENUE FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, a year later, and Mickey D's is on their McRib Farewell tour 3.

I saw commercials for it last year, but my local McD's did have it. All of a sudden I saw they had it in the last week of November, 2007. As of this writing, Christmas Eve 2007, they're still selling it. I'm guessing it will probably end at the end of the month.

Unknown on 9/07/2008 09:32:00 AM said...

I wish you would have told me it was pork from the get go. i ALWAYS thought that is was always beef ribs and not pork. I actually ate this on yhe last tour of mc rib and had been pork free for 7 years until then. Thanks Mickey d's for not describing the type of rib it was!! Dont get me wrong the mcrib was great and a delightful sandwich. but I dont eat pork, for my reasons and I just wish I had known and this does disturb me to the point to where it makes me ill!!!

Anonymous said...

It's been nearly 9 months now since I last had a McRib sandwich, and I'm going through withdrawal. When are they bringing it back again, and is there anyone out there who can sell me a McRib that they might have saved in their freezer? I also have heard that they keep McRib on the regular menu in Germany. Why do the Germans get special treatment?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how ofter people look here, but here is a substitution for McRib lovers.

The other day I was at Wendy's saw the new buffalo or BBQ style chicken sandwich on the website. I decided to order the buffalo style. When I got home, I realized that I was given the BBQ instead. I went ahead and bit into it and i thought I was eating a McRib. I am not sure if it is the BBQ sauce, the onions or a combination of both but it tasted the same. The sandwich consist of Chicken, BBQ, onions, and pickles only. I just finished my 3rd one in 4 days.

Give it a try, let me know what you think or was I just hoping it was the same since I have not had a McRib in over a year.

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