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30 November, 2006

Lam's Cassava Yuca Chips

Lam's Cassava Yuca ChipsNew from Lam Snack Foods Inc. are these Cassava Yuca Chips.

The cassava is a plant whose root is generally used for food purposes. Yuca is the spanish word for the same plant.

I've never had cassava chips before, though I would certainly like to write a review of this product, if Lam Snack Foods wouldn't mind sending me a free sample (hint hint).

They come in two varietes, the Regular (pictured), and Garlic & Onion. (I'll try regular please!)

They come in 2.3 oz. bags priced at 99 cents.

Visit Lam Snack Foods at:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Taj Brand Cassava Chips (Handcooked Gourmet) Salted flavour. I cnt get enuf of it, its so crispy an addictive, i hav a whole packet (250g) atleast every 2 Brap Braap to Cassava!

With Love from London

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