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01 November, 2006

Ketchup in Big Bags

Jano KetchupApparently in other countries, Chile in particular, ketchup is packaged in bags as opposed to bottles.

The product pictured here is produced by Chilean-based Alimentos Wasil S.A. under their Jano brand, and is distributed in Chile. It contains 100g of ketchup, which is similar to a standard sized ketchup bottle in the USA.

The bag has a "ziploc" seal.

So, I wonder how you're supposed to get the ketchup out? With a spoon?


Anonymous said...

This packaging is a refill,
Ketchup Jano is a popular kind of ketchup, so these bags are for refill bottles in junk food places, for example.
In the same way, this kind of packaging is more cheap, cause' the people who buy it, is not probably rich...

Anonymous said...

Yep. This packaging is a refill, but particulary this one is used at home. The bigger one's, like 1lt or 1.5lts are used at junk food places, restaurants, aso.

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