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19 November, 2006

Jack in the Box Pumpkin Shake

Jack in the Box Pumpkin ShakePumpkin ShakeLast Wednesday I mentioned the Holiday Shakes being back at Jack in the Box. Among this is the Pumpkin Shake.

It was around 9:30pm last night that I got the munchies for some Jack in the Box, and while in the drive-thru, decided I had to try the Pumpkin Shake.

Jack in the Box shakes are always pretty thick, so thick you can't really suck it up with a straw. Well, at least they're this way at the Jack in the Box I go to.

They definitely have a great pumpkin-pie like taste. The texture is very smooth and very creamy, and if you drink (or eat) it right away, it's quite cold.

I didn't find this to be extra sweet at all. It's almost like typical ice cream, but as an old-school milk shake.

I can't help comparing this to a Pumpkin Shake I had at Ruby's Diner a couple of weeks ago. The one at Ruby's also had a definite pumpkin taste, but I'd have to say Jack in the Box's is more smooth.

Pumpkin seems to make great flavored shakes. It's too bad you can't get them all year 'round. Now that they're here, I recommend getting one!


Anonymous said...

Im not a fan of the Pumpkin shake, However, what did they do with those great bean and cheese burritos and the chicken supreme sandwhick on the wheat bun. They also changed the chicken stips several times, remember the dinners of strips, salad and steak fries? I want these back! Bring back the classics of the 80s!

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