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16 November, 2006

Empowered Mints

Empowered MintsHint Mint Inc. is now selling a new breath mint product called "Empowered Mints".

They're billing it as the "the first full line of breath mints that naturally harnesses the power of legendary herbal extracts".

Varieties include, "Mint Echinacea" (target your health), "Green Tea Ginkgo" (target your mind), "Lemon Ginger Ginseng" (target your energy), and "Cinnamon Astragalus" (target your endurance).

What they need now is a fifth variety for "Aphrodesiac" (target your ....)

The "100 percent all natural, vegan and kosher" mints are said to contain no artificial flavors or coloring and have less than 0.4 carbs per mint. They come with a suggested retail price of $1.99 each.

The website I was given for Empowered Mints doesn't appear to be working at this time... http://www.empoweredmints.com/

But you can visit Hint Mints corporate site at: http://www.hintmint.com/


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