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09 November, 2006

Cacao Nibbles

Cacao NibblesA company called Sonrisa Chocolates, based out of Arlington, VA is now offering a new line of confectionery called "Cacao Nibbles".

They're cacao nibs with added fruit, nuts, and cocoa butter. Varieties include...

  • Blueberry Lavender Plum

  • Apricot Cranberry

  • Date Coconut

  • Mango Apple
Each variety is presented in a sealed, round 5 oz. clear plastic tub flagged, "All-natural - No sulphites or preservatives added - Gluten-free - A natural source of antioxidants."

The company is headed by Laura Graves who developed the product line. She had led a career in marketing when she decided to pursue the entrepreneurial path. She got her start by making high-end chocolate truffles and selling them local farmers' markets. People kept asking her for dairy-free, low-sugar candies, and that's how she found the inspiration for Cacao Nibbles. It was a year ago that she launched Sonrisa Chocolates.

Visit the website for Cacao Nibbles at:


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