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06 November, 2006

Burger King Under Fire in Britain

Burger King Double WhopperBurger King came under fire recently in the UK after launching a new advertising campaign for its Double Whopper with Cheese burger.

The campaign asks the question, "Are you man enough?", and shows a guy exiting a high-price restaurant and rejecting "chick food". The whole commercial is played using Helen Reddy's hit song, "I am Woman" but replacing "woman" with "man".

A nutrition advocacy group called, "Sustain" filed a complaint with a government watchdog...
Sustain has written to the Advertising Standards Authority claiming that the Double Whopper adverts breach the industry code by promoting "excessive consumption".

"This kind of advert shows the food industry cannot be trusted to regulate itself," added Mr Watts. "If the Government is serious about defusing the health time bomb of obesity, they need to end adverts for this kind of product before the 9pm watershed."
I disagree. The advert shows a man who claims to have such a big hunger, and requires so much more energy, that he needs a big meal. It's not excessive consumption.

Visit Burger King UK to see the ad:


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