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14 November, 2006

Blue Bunny Coffee Cake Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Ice CreamWells Dairy Inc. of Le Mars, IA has a new flavor of ice cream out, "Coffee Cake".

It's a limited edition variety described as a vanilla frosting flavored ice cream with roasted pecans, buttery coffee cake pieces and cinnamon streusel swirl. It's a not a light variety, so you're getting the full impact of honest-to-goodness ice cream.

Coffee Cake comes in the company's new packaging referred to as their "Fresh Lock Container". The 1.75 quart oval-shaped cardboard carton features a plastic lid with a pull off safety seal. After the container has been opened, the lid snaps tight to lock in freshness.

Wells Dairy claims that Le Mars, IA, where they make all their ice cream, is the ice cream capital of the world, saying that more ice cream is made in that town than in any other place in the world.

The retail price for Coffee Cake $3.14.

Visit their store locator online:


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