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11 October, 2006

What's Your Pizza Sign?

Uno Chicago PizzaThe fine folks at Uno Chicago Grill reminded me that October is National Pizza Month, and that they've got a pizza celebration going on.

They launched a promotion called, "Pizza-nality" urging pizza-eaters to discover their unique pizza-personality by visiting a special website at http://www.unopizzamonth.com.

At the website, you go through a series of questions with multiple-choice answers, and in the end it tells you specifically which Uno pizza best fits your personality.

I went through the questions, and it seems the "Chicago Classic" is my best pizza. Apparently, I'm in an exclusive category with 10% of other respondents sharing the same pizza sign. It goes on to tell me that...

"You're a true original and a born leader. You can make it on your own because you have all the tools you need - innovation, enthusiasm, and ambition."

Yeah, I guess that's me!

Uno is also offering each respondent a coupon for a free pizza, by signing up for the Uno Insider's Club, a free membership that sends you an e-newsletter.

Visit their restaurant locator for a location near you.


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