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16 October, 2006

Round Table's Pepperoni Artisan Pizza

Round Table Pepperoni Artisan PizzaRound Table Pizza announced today the launch of its new Pepperoni Artisan Pizza, claiming it ushers in several "firsts" among major pizza chains...

Round Table Pizza is proud to be the first major pizza chain (with over
500 units) to offer:
-- Cornmeal dusted crust
-- 100% certified organic tomato sauce
-- Creamy, fresh mozzarella
-- Garden fresh basil

The company claims the pizza was inspired by Artisan chefs with ties to local farmers markets. The Pepperoni Artisan is said to be a classic handcrafted execution of select organic and high quality ingredients from respected growers.

Describing it as "groundbreaking", Round Table begins with a thin, crispy cornmeal dusted crust, a new sweet 100% certified organic tomato sauce, lean Primo pepperoni, marinated roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, and Roma tomatoes. Then they add slices of creamy, fresh mozzarella and top it with garden fresh basil. Finally they cut the pizza into extra large slices for increased effect.

It's available now at all Round Table locations, but for a limited time.


Anonymous said...

i've had it, and it's delicious!

Unknown on 3/27/2009 08:26:00 AM said...

i missed out darnit! I didn't know it was for a limited time. I don't see why the company wouldn't just keep it on the menu. It's the most original pizza I've seen in a long time.

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