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20 October, 2006

New Coffee Smoothies at Planet Smoothie

Planet SmoothiePlanet Smoothie today announced it partnered with NESCAFE to develop some new coffee concoctions for the planet's smoothie-loving population.

Beginning this month, every Planet Smoothie location will offer these four unique coffee flavored smoothies:

  • Java the Nut (mocha and peanut butter)

  • Choctane (mocha)

  • Love Ya Latte (blended latte)

  • Liquid Alarm Clock (the coffee-est of the four)
Planet Smoothie collaborated with Deep Advertising, a Nestle Food Services agency, to create a media blitz, even offering t-shirts with the new caffeine-laden smoothies. The company is trying to market the positive health benefits of drinking coffee...

"We recognize that recent medical studies have linked coffee with a number of significant health benefits," explains Chris Morocco, president of Planet Smoothie. "As a health-aware brand, it is important to us that Planet Smoothie continues to offer innovative, healthier options to consumers - good-for-you snacks, nutrient-rich smoothies...and now, coffee smoothies. All of our offerings are meant to provide nourishing fuel for people
on the go."

Since when did coffee become such a health food?

Just as with their other smoothies, Planet Smoothie provides consumers the option to add stuff to it, like nutritional supplements, fat burners, and all that other bohemian "holistic healing" stuff.

Suggested retail pricing for new blends are $4.95 for the 22oz; $5.99 for the 32oz; and $6.99 for the 44oz.

Visit the company's store locator here.


Anonymous said...

I tried the NEW COFFEE smoothies in Athens, Georgia at Planet Smoothie. The staff was super nice. They are awesome smoothies!! Java the Nut is to die for. You have to try these ASAP!! StarBucks Bye-Bye.

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